The best field for you to get your first 100 clients is to reach out to all the people whom you personally know. The second best field is to reach clients in your own local area, which is the city where you live now.

Once you have setup all four elements mentioned in our previous discussions, you can start promoting your new business to all the people you know, both online and offline.

Step 1 – Promoting To People You Know

The best promotion you can ever do is to promote your new business through social network communities which you are actively involved on. Post a message to your friends on these social network sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and others and brag to your friends about your new business which you just launched.

Give out special promotion codes and discounts to your personal colleagues and friends, give out something that you would not give out to strangers. These friends and colleagues of yours will be the best assets you will ever have to promote you web hosting business.

Do personal favors for them. Offer “website setup” promotions, even simple website design promotions for the first 100 clients that sign up with you. After all, it’s about HARD WORK and TIME to get your first 100 clients.

I am sure you are familiar with all the various website applications that are available today, such as Word Press, Joomla, Drupal, phpBB (message forum), and other well known popular website creation or application software. Utilise these free web applications to create amazing websites for your first 100 clients, free of charge, as your personal favor to them when they sign up to your new hosting business.

Offer a free domain registration AND renewals as well when they sign up with your hosting plan, do all the confusing work for your first 100 clients, until their website is online and ready to use.

If you’re thinking that it’s too much of work to be done, then I can simply tell you, you will have to spend at least R100,000 ZAR to get your first 100 clients. Which one do you have? Tons of money OR hard work plus the time required to get your first 100 clients.

All the hard work starts here, once you’ve secured your first 100 clients, growing it will be MUCH easier, trust me. But first you must “earn” your first 100 clients and once you get them, make sure you can get honest positive testimonials from all 100 of them.

These testimonials will be the very “evidence” which shows how professional your company truly is and how you treat your clients. Once you get these testimonials, you can rest assure, strangers will be confident enough to buy your services directly from your website.

I will show you later on how to publish these testimonials on the internet so that when people are searching for your company name, they will find your clients’ testimonials on independent sources, not on your own website.

Aside from social network community websites, simply call your friends, email them, text them or whatever, saying “Hey, I just started up a new business. I can make a website for you for free as a promotion. Let me know if you’re interested and I’ll call you.”

These people know you, you don’t have to break their “trust barrier” since they already trust you by personal relationship. You simply just need to do the hard work for them it’s that simple.

Your thoughts on this?