Now that you have quite a hand full of clients, it is time to bring your web hosting business to the next level. The next step is to issue an on-going press release about your company’s services through the various web hosting directory and news sites that are available today.

I want to stress out the “on-going” part of this method. Why does it has to be on-going, and not a one time or several time press releases which can be launched during the initial stage of establishing your web hosting business. When people are signing up for a web hosting service, they always prefer going with a company which is up to date.

Always put yourself in the shoes of your potential client. Imagine, if you yourself is looking for a web hosting provider or maybe in this case for a server provider or a data center provider, or whatever. Once you have narrowed down the list of companies which you are interested in signing up with, what would you do? You would do more research on this small list of companies you have.

The same goes with other people, they will search on your “company name” or “domain name” through their favorite search engine. Here is where all the press releases come to power.

When you have an on-going press release posted out to all major web hosting news and directories, what happen is when people search for your company name or domain name, all these press releases would come up on the very first page of the search results.

What happen is, people will be attracted with these press releases, they will be reading some of them for sure. When they open up the press releases shown on the search results while searching for your company, they MUST find out that these press releases must be at least of the same year or even better if it is issued in the past couple of months.

This will boost up their confidence a lot. This means that your company is current. They will know that they will be signing up with an active company. One that is actively innovating their technologies and services.

On the contrary, what happens if your potential client searches about your company name and all they could find is very old press releases which is a couple of years old or even older! That would get them thinking, are you still around? Are you still serious about being the best in web hosting, or your company is “a thing of the past”.

I know I would never sign up with a provider which relates to “old times glory”, I would only want to sign up with one that is current and have a lot of happenings right now, not in the past. This is where you can set your company apart from the competition. Do this well, and you will reap the benefits for sure.

So you get the idea right? The idea is for your potential clients to find all these press releases which you just released a couple of months ago (at the latest) on these major web hosting directory and news sites when they are searching about your company name.

Now, that you get the idea, I will show you how and where you can do these press releases.




I know it can be very confusing when choosing the topic you can use to issue a press release to the public. I myself cannot come up with a press release idea just like that, you need inspiration. Well, common sense tells us, see what other people are doing! Then issue your own press releases in the same area that is being used by other companies.

Your press release must entirely have a different content than what other companies have, don’t even think about copying other company’s press releases or you will only get yourself in huge trouble.

Never ever have your company banned from the major web hosting news and directory websites. They are your friends, you need them. Stay within their policy and be very careful when submitting your press releases to these sites, it has to be very carefully written and it has to be professional. You cannot submit a poorly written press release to these major sites or your press release will not be published by them, even worse they can ban your company from ever submitting your press releases.

If English is not your first language, like myself (as you can probably see by the many grammatical mistakes I make across all the previous posts), you can still do this with the help of other people. Find yourself a good friend who is very good in English and have them review the poorly written press release you made and have them edit it for free.

If you want to make it really professional, I highly recommend you to use which has a lot of freelancers that may help you with this.

Or you can also hire a professional editor from or The choice is entirely yours. But always keep it professional.

Here are the websites which you can use for Press Release and News inspiration to write your own.

  • Web Hosting Industry Review – Go to their Web Hosting News section
  • WebHosting.Info –
  • The Hosting News –
  • Web Host Magazine – Go to their Web Host News & Press
  • Host Search –
  • PR.Com –
  • Compare Web Hosts –
  • My Host News –

That list of websites should give you a good idea on what topic you should write for your own press release.

Now I would recommend you to go through the entire resources provided by PRWeb.Com on how to write your own press releases



Not too often, I would highly recommend you issuing a high quality press release about the latest happening and improvement about your web hosting business only once every couple months at maximum. So you can do this, it is not a lot of hard work, maybe on the beginning of every month you can schedule a time for you to write your own press release and make it a killer one.

I am almost certain that you will keep forgetting this since you think this is not important, IT IS VERY IMPORTANT if you are serious about growing your web hosting business.

Now, close your laptop, set a reminder for yourself, an alarm on your computer phone, or PDA or whatever, put it in bold PRESS RELEASE TIME so you will never forget doing your press releases.



As you would have guessed, to the sites I mentioned above and a few more. I will give you the links on where you can submit your press release to. If you see an email address it means you must submit your FULL press release or news content to the email address shown below.

Do not expect a REPLY from them and DO NOT bother them and keep asking why your press release is not yet published. Simply send an email and you’re done. DO NOT annoy them. It will take several days before your press release is published.

  • The Web Hosting Industry Review –
  • WebHosting.Info –
  • The Hosting News –
  • Web Host Magazine –
  • Host Search –
  • PR.Com – open a free account and submit your press release to their web hosting category
  • Compare Web Hosts –
  • My Host News –
  • iNet Interactive – (iNet Interactive operates many major web hosting directory, news, and forum sites including the very popular WebHostingTalk.Com)

Ok now that you have learned the power of press release, I would only expect you to do the work. Let’s get on to the next thing which is also very exciting.



As I have shown you previously on how to setup your Free Trial system in WHMCS, now it’s time to put it to use. Put up a noticeable promotion on your company’s website and promote your Free Trial promo. To make it more interesting you can combine this technique with the auto adapt capability of your website, your promotion should end up something like this:





When putting up that promotion banner or notice or box or whatever, you already know all the while that the visitor who is opening your website is from GAUTENG.

Using the auto adapt website feature described on the previous posts, you can “slip in” Gauteng, combined with all other random provinces so it won’t be so obvious that you are only targeting the visitor’s province.

This way, you relate directly to your visitor and he/she would most likely sign up for your free trial account. Once your new client signs up for the free trial account make sure you are the one who make initial contact with this new potential client.

Send out a personal and NON TEMPLATED/AUTOMATED email to your new trial client, ask him/her what kind of website he/she is thinking to make, offer the client your suggestions, and just be friendly and reachable to this new potential client. Before the trial account auto terminates, make sure you reached them and ask them if there is anything that you could do to make their trial experience a good one.

If the trial clients ended up not upgrading to a live account, don’t be discouraged, there are always people who just wants to play around while there is no intention of buying up a web hosting account in the first place. Actually, you will come across quite plenty of them, just try your best to convert them, if in the end they did not upgrade to paid account, just move on.