03 Oct

So you have decided to become a part of the online marketplace and create your own website. Good for you! But do you know that choosing the right domain name and specifically an efficient hosting provider will tend to save you a lot of money and make your online experience of running your own website hassle-free? Well, previously if you did not, now you know. Let’s first discuss how one can choose the best domain name for their website and to serve this purpose, we have compiled the following list of four tips:


  1. Easy to Remember: The best domain names are always short and simple. The nature of a domain name being less complex makes it easier for your visitors to remember it. And also because it is short, it will not risk your visitors any misspelling or mistyping.
  2. Easy to Type: While selecting the best domain name, you need to ensure that you are making use of good and professional English. Avoid slangs of any sort or any words with multiple spellings as both of these factors will make the domain name difficult to remember for your visitors.
  3. Incorporate Keywords: Well, assuming that you are entering the marketplace to may be start your new small business which is going to provide a number of services and products, therefore, it is wise to incorporate keywords of your more prominent services or products. This will help your visitors to not only remember your domain name, but also relate a particular service or product with your website.
  4. Choose Domain Name Extension Wisely: There are a lot of extension available to choose from. You need to choose the one that works for your business. The most successful domain name extension still today is .com, which is why you need to try to get it for your domain name.


Web hosting is the facility of having a dedicated server space that is dedicated for the traffic to your website. Therefore, the second thing we wanted to discuss in this post is how one can choose the best hosting provider for their website, to serve this purpose, we have compiled a separate list of four tips:

  1. Price: Price is definitely something you need to consider before selecting a hosting provider. There are a number of hosting providers which is why you have a lot of options to choose from and never have to settle for the most expensive hosting provider.
  2. Specifications: Every hosting provider features a number of different specifications they provide with their variety of packages. Such specifications include storage space in GBs, domain names, support, backups, etc.
  3. Customer Support: Since you might be starting out on the online marketplace for the first time, you are going to run into problems and then require help. Therefore, while selecting the hosting provider you need to ensure that you choose the one which provides the best customer support.
  4. Customer Reviews: To get an idea of how a hosting provider ranks among its competitors, a great idea is to check out the customer reviews of each of the prospective hosting providers you are considering and then based on customer reviews, decide for yourself.