Everything we do, we believe in helping you do more of what you love to do. We believe in getting you more time onto your hands so you can focus on what matters the most to you.

The way we help you do more of what you love to do is by automating all menial and repetitive tasks in your business processes, making our products secure, inter-operable and integrate you to helpful support systems.


We just happen to implement great data centre server based open-source systems. Want to buy one? – click here for more info. or quote.

Who we are

We help business owners get more time on their hands using Online Systems. We sit down with business owners and understand the business processes that make their business to find them online systems that can enable them to do less repetitive menial tasks or time taxing activities in their business.

Do you know how business owners are usually the only ones doing almost everything in the business and hardly have any time to focus on less transactional activities and more on transformational activities of their business ?

Well, we help them get more time on their hands by automating their business processes using Online Systems. We are the guys to call when you need more time on your hands.

Sive Setfu ICT Solutions (siveict.co.za) is a private company servicing South African, European, American and Middle Eastern markets. SIVE SETFU is a siSwati word meaning “Our Nation” in the English language, and Sive Setfu ICT Solutions (Pty) Ltd. is here to implement the technology solutions of our nation.

siveict.co.za was formed in November 2010 with the purpose of delivering superior Web Hosting Services, Online Systems and Mobile Apps. Furthermore, at siveict.co.za we believe that everybody in Africa should be able to own a professional looking website and host it on world class servers with superior support services from as little as R10 per month for 1000 MB (1GB) storage space and unlimited everything. Additionally, have access to Mobile Apps and Online Systems that make living in Africa easier. Our technology, your easy day.



To help you do more of what you love to do.


Securely store and process 30% of all data on the African continent.


  • Provide great customer support and service
  • Offer our clients easy to use technologies
  • Automate Business Processes
  • Acquire and keep talent