Everything we do, we believe in helping you do more of what you love to do. We believe in getting you more time onto your hands so you can focus on what matters the most to you.

The way we help you do more of what you love to do is by automating all menial and repetitive tasks in your business processes, making our products secure, inter-operable and integrate you to helpful support systems.


We just happen to implement great data centre server based open-source systems. Want to buy one? – click here for more info. or quote.

  • We help business owners get more time on their hands.
  • We want to help you get the most done with the little you have.
  • We are the guys you call when you are tired of doing less with the little time you have!

You know how small business owners need to generate more revenue and do not have any time because they do a lot of menial repetitive activities & tasks?
Well, we give them more time on their hands by automating those menial repetitive activities!